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Bien Hock Nien writes


Photo: cloudscapes by VC

Thank you and Victor Chin for including me in your mailing circle which enabled me to receive news and tributes relating to the late Mr Chua Cheng Chye. You can’t imagine what this has meant to me.

I became a Jr Scout in 1949 when Mr Chua was the Scoutmaster. That was the beginning of an adventure which was to last until 1955. In those days, Malacca was a very quiet town and hardly any form of entertainment. A lot of goods were then still being transported in bullock carts.So scouting was a great form of leisure and at the same time learning something useful. Travelling was all done on bicycles and we went as far as Muar and, some more adventurous ones, to Singapore. Those were really good old days! All thanks to Mr Chua.

Mr Chua was such a dedicated teacher and scouter,he motivated everyone to strive for the best. He taught us survival skills,took us swimming and camping,gave counsel and guidance on character and confidence building,advice on good citizenship and so many other useful lessons of life. He trully enriched the lives of those who came into contact with him and to know him.

I personally benefitted from his friendship by receiving private coaching in English lessons. He also took me to stay with his parents,somehere in the Jalan Imbi area,in KL and visited Port Kelang ( Port Swettenham in those days ) for the first time. Many of us owe much to him.

I am glad to have been able to see him around August this year.With hindsight,I wish I had visited him more often.
I will miss him

Hock Nien , Macsian Class of 1955

Posted by Bert Tan


Dr Wong Kong Meng writes from Adelaide


Chua in his usual chair, waiting for visitors to surprise him, in the nursing home in Malacca. Photo: VC

Dr Wong’s comment in VC’s post: Hundreds of boys which includes me, owe a great great deal to our dear Mr Chua. He cared for, mentored us from the 40’s after the War- he was our dear Scout Master of “dear 9th Troop”; brought us to KL to perform at the Radio Malaya studios, brought us to camp at the Chay Yan Scout Camp at Pantai Kundor, our Carer,Counsellor, Advisor and Inspiration. Our Church Choir Director and brought us up in the knowledge and love of our Lord jesus Christ. His “boys ” have blossomed all over the World. We will mourn for his passing but his love and dedication will be felt and passed on forever . Till we meet at His feet again..

Dr Wong’s second comment to VC: Dear Victor,  Thank you for the  email below. You might not remember that  when you had just  come under the wing of dear Mr Chua ( just like many of us). He asked  me to purchase your water colour painting of the Church of Annunciation on St Pauls Hill..; that is all in blue.( I believe you know the reason  why- as you had just  joined ACS/Dodsworth Hall)  and he felt that you needed  some “help”. This painting has been hanging in my house for the past 45 years! even in Australia. My daughter has it now. My children say that you did visit us  some years back here in Adelaide. My association with Mr Chua dates back to 1942(?)), when he evacuated with his whole family  from KL to Malacca to escape the Japs. You all have done  justice to his life and memory. It will be nice to catch up with you in KL sometime- …I will be 78 years  in  a few months time! do carry on the good work you are doing  to  perpetuate the works of   this servant of God.  My best regards and all the boys – many of whom are unknown to me..God Bless… Yours… Wong Kong Meng. (Adelaide)

From VC: Thanks for your kindnes when I was a poor school boy from KL in the 60’s when I joined the ACS. Your wife, Rubecca, was a wonderful musician and made the church organ sing every time when we were in the church choir under Mr Chua. You were also a keen photographer one of those lucky owner of a lieca camera in those days. How are the photos of old malacca, perhaps you could share some of them with us in your next post? Yes your and your family invited me out one evening when I visited Adelaide and we had a good Australian steak. Your daughter must be one of the few who has one of my early art works. What a chain of good spirit our Chua has brought among us.


Chua’s 86 Birthday


From left: Jason Yap, Peter Yap, Eng Kim Leng, Victor Chin, Loy Kwee Keow and Richard Lee at a gathering to remember Chua’s birthday (seated in the centre) in Subang Jaya, 16 November 2008.

This group of new frineds, who met last weekend, in Malacca, at Chua’s funeral, decided to gather for dinner to remember Chua’s 86 birthday. Chua died 10 days short of his birthday and we thought it was a good opportunity to celebrate on his behalf in his absent. Chua if his was alive would not doubt have enjoyed the food and the drinks.

In many ways Chua’s spirit was with us in the sense that we came together in his name to commemorate him and we didn’t know each other before his funeral. His death has brought us together and this call to mind Chua’s teaching about friendship and sharing.

Each of us has a momento of Chua which is personal and we can now share the thoughts with each other with hunour and fun. There are so many stories we have about growing up in Malacca in the orbit of Chua’s influence. Some of us remembers Chua telling ghost stories to the scouts at campfires, others telling about their outings outside Malacca, all the songs they use to sing etc…

Of course after a person is dead their physical presense is gone but that does not mean the end of the person’s life force which takes on new forms and shapes. Wong Yunn Chii, another former ACS, who is now the Head Of Department of the Architecture at the Singapore University, is planning a Chua Cheng Chye Bursary for ACS in Malacca. No doubt there will be other initiatives, in the name of Chua, in the years to come.

We all hope that this blog will bring many more friends of Chua’s together, in any part of the country or world they may be. Please tell your friends about this blog.


Chua Cheng Chye’s 85 Birthday


Chua blowing the candles on his last birthday in 2007 at the nursing home Malacca.


From right: Peter Yap who brought the birthday cake, Chua Beng Onn, Wong SL, Helen Wong, Annie Yap, Joel Yap and Jason Yap. Photos by Jason Yap

Peter Yap and his family, Mr & Mrs Wong and Beng Onn were at Chua’s nursing home celebrating his birthday last year. Chua, from the photo, was able to blow the candles and was also happy that his friends and their family were able to come to be with him. That was to be his last birthday.

Peter Yap met Chua in 1969 when Chua visited his school, the Methodist English School, to recruit boys for the Boys Brigade. Peter later joined the Boys Brigade and stayed on for many years and became a leader of the Boys Brigade and also a good friend with Chua.

Chua was one of the two witnesses at Peter’s wedding registration, in 1980. Peter went on to work out of Malacca but kept in touch with Chua like many of the other boys. It was with Chua’s encouragment that he later went to Taiwan to learn bakery. After that he started a bakery in Petaling Jaya, the Cherry Cake House, 58 Jalan 1/19, 46000 Petaling Jaya, tel 03 7783 6157.

To Peter, Chua was like a father figure and his children too has come to regard Chua as their adopted family.


Mr Chua Cheng Chye’s Funeral Video

These three videos are by Bert Tan.

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Chua Cheng Chye 1922-2008
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