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ChuaCC Fund latest pledge


The latest pledge came from Paul Cheok  one of  Eng Kim Leng’s friends and here is the what Paul had to say ‘ the ChuaCC Fund is a good idea. How i wish the fund existed during my school days. I really needed help then! I am happy to chip in RM1000. ‘

The fund  RM12,988.00

Contributors: 1. Wong Yunn Chii (RM2000), 2. Victor Chin (RM500), 3. Eng Kim Leng (RM500), 4. CL Heng (RM500), 5. Lim Kim Tay (RM2000), 6. Class’ 71 (RM1038), 7. Bien Hock Nien (RM500), 8. Peter Yap (RM500), 9. Loy Kwee  Keow (RM500), 10. Macsian 85 (RM550), 11. ACSian74 (RM2000), 12. Woon Tai Hai (RM1000), 13. Hock Guan wee (RM200), 14.Dennis (RM200), 15. Paul Cheok (RM1000.00), 16 (?)


ChuaCC Fund: First project in youtube

This video was shot by Bert Tan


ChuaCC Fund: First project


From left, two teachers from the school, the OHP gift to the school, Wong Poh Sim (headmaster), Tedin Ng and Mark Kai Kin. Photo: Bert Tan

Dear fellow MACSians,

I have spoken with Mr Wong Poh Sim, the current headmaster of MACS Primary and I will be presenting the school with some AV equipment. When I first telephoned, Mr Wong was away but I managed to speak with the school clerk, Hjh Rosidah. As it was, she told me that their old overhead projector (OHP) had not been functionable for the last 10 years.

Coincidentally, the science teacher has been asking to buy a new unit but his request had to be turned down due to a lack of funds. Mr Wong confirmed this situation and I have decided to provide 2 units portable OHPs, 10 units spare halogen lamps, a tripod screen and a wall-mounted screen, 10 boxes OHP Films for ink-jet printers, 10 boxes OHP Films for copiers and an assortment of OHP marker pens and frames. All these more than enough for the teachers to freely and as frequently as possible use the OHP to make teaching and learning more interesting and effective.

All the above items will be presented to the school as gifts from the CCC Fund – i.e. my contributions in kind to the fund. I have prepared special labels to clearly mark the items as “Gifts from the CCC Fund” in line with our objective to highlight and remember Mr Chua’s name. Mr Wong will be away from Tuesday 21.04.09 for a while until early May. I have therefore decided to drive to Malacca and make the presentation of the OHP system on Monday,
20.04.09 when he is around.

Mak Kai Kin has kindly agreed to assist me with the presentation on Monday morning.

Best regards.

Tedin Ng   (013-3320117)


Presentation at school hall, Mr Wong speaking to all the boys and teachers. Tedin Ng and Mark Kai Kin seated. Photo: Bert Tan

Dear Tedin

That’s one hell of a donation!  Good on ‘ya mate! May you and your family be triply blessed – nay – a thousand blessings to you and your family for your generosity.  We always say “It is the little things that count” or “Every little bit counts”, but yours is big mama!

It is very befitting to CCC, one person who is loved by so many and touches the life of everyone he comes into contact with.  A rare gem of a human being and I am sure he is sitted at the right hand of God laughing at all our trivialities and couldn’t help being misty eye knowing that so many  is contributing back the kindness he has shown to all in his name.  I am sure he is  proud  of all  of you guys who is doing a great job in helping the young ones, and more importantly reminding us of blessings of charity.

In this respect, Tedin, you stand heads and shoulders above the rest.

Ok, enough of my bull shit, but I mean every word I said!



All the boys singing the school song composed by Chua CC. Photo: Bert Tan

Dear Wooi et al,

Thanks for all the compliments, even though only “slightly” exaggerated, but I’m sure nonetheless, sincere. Having met the HM, the teachers AND especially the children this morning, has further convinced me the contribution and visit are both very worthwhile.

This very small group of 160+ children for an entire school are a welcome sight, with their enthusiasm, alertness and clearly strong desire to learn. Mr Chua would have been so proud to hear their spirited rendition of the ACS Song!

And thanks for your suggestion about Chua Cheng Chye’s name in full…  you can see from the pictures, the labels affixed to the OHPs and projection screens detail his full name, positions and the website URL.

My thanks to Mak for helping out and to Bert Tan for volunteering to help and photoshoot the event.


My personal salute to your nobel donation to the school Tedin. You make us proud.
Regards and god bless,
Tan Kim Yoke


Thanks Tedin for showing all of us the way to do things in the name of ChuaCC Fund. This is the sort of active and spirited response to a situation at hand, in this case the OHP equipments and materials for the school, which ChuaCC  would be proud to see from all  his boys and girls who have come into contact with him. Chua CC was himself a person of action and generosity and in turn we see it in Tedin and all the others who have join in this effort. Let’s keep it up. Victor Chin

From Tedin

For our purpose of recording, you can enter RM5,000.00 as the nett value of the gifts-in-kind provided.
The list is as follows:-
2   units  KiNDERMANN Famulus Mobil Portable OHP
10 units  OSRAM Replacement Halogen Lamps for OHP
1   unit    DA-LITE Tripod Screen, 60″ x 60″
1   unit    DA-LITE Wall Mount Screen, 60″ x 60″
10 boxes Vu-Graph OHP Transparency Films for PPC, 100 shts/box
10 boxes Vu-Graph OHP Transparency Films for Ink Jet Printers, 50shts/box
10 packs Vu-Graph Mounting Frames, 50s
1   lot       STAEDTLER OHP Marker Pens


Chua’s fund latest


The fund  RM10,938.00

Thanks everyone here is the latest and hope for more to come
Contributors: 1. Wong Yunn Chii  (RM2000), 2. Victor Chin (RM500), 3. Eng Kim Leng (RM500), 4. CL Heng (RM500), 5. Lim Kim Tay (RM2000), 6. Class’ 71 (RM1038), 7. Bien Hock Nien (RM500), 8. Peter Yap (RM500), 9. Loy Kwee  Keow (RM500), 10. Macsian 85 (RM550), 11. ACSian74 (RM2000), 12. Woon Tai Hai (RM1000), 13. Hock Guan wee (RM200), 14.Dennis (RM200), 15 (?)


ChuaCC Board of Trustees (a proposal)


Thanks to Kim Leng for drafting this proposal and I hope many of you would be happy to see this project become a reality and please let us know what you views are and if you like to be a part of this trustees please let us know. Thanks. Vic Chin



The Chua Cheng Chye charitable trust is set up by a group of friends coming together to form a non-profit charitable organisation, sharing a common bond with Mr Chua either as friends or as his ex-students and in memory of his good name and generosity. These friends have a common vision of promoting charitable deeds in Mr Chua’s name. They are deemed as settlors in the setting up of the trust. The trust is an informal fund under the custody of a Board of Trustees and will not be registered or subject to the country’s tax relief provision until such time the Board of Trustees so decide to apply for such status. The trust is created for students of ACS (P) Malacca and will be utilised towards one of the following purposes:

1) The relief of Poverty

The gift/bursary is required to relieve the misery of poverty by providing the basic necessities of human existence – Food, Shelter and clothing.

2) The Advancement of Education

In this instance, it is the provision of books or a fund for the students to purchase books or pay for educational fees.


The sources of fund are generated from the following:

a) Donation received from friends and well-wishers.

b) Fund raising events.

c) Interest income from surplus placed in interest earning deposits with licensed banks.

d) Other legitimate purposes including profits on approved investments.

The yearly support and valuable contribution of well-wishers is important for the survival of the trust.

The Board of Trustees

Thought shall be given to the appointment of the initial trustees and the method of appointment (or election) of subsequent trustees. In this regard, the minimum and maximum number of trustees needs to be addressed. In accordance with usual principles of corporation governance, there are advantages in having between five and nine trustees, rather than a smaller or greater number.

For a start, the Board of Trustees shall consist of 5 settlors who are prepared to set aside time to meet, consider, as well as shortlist/interview beneficiaries and through a process of selection decide who the recipients of the yearly award are. The trustees will also decide on the number of awards, frequency, manner of award (either in cash or kind), and ensure that fairness of distribution is observed. The position of the trustee is an honorary one with no financial benefits or remuneration. The appointment is permanent unless the majority of the Board decides to remove or replaced based on the non-performance, self-discharge/resignation by the trustee or by operation of law (eg. an un-discharged bankrupt is not allowed to act in that capacity).

When the fund size permits, the trustees can also be corporate trustees in which case, the Board of Trustees shall only operate as dispenser of the fund and decide on the fees payable upon the appointment of the corporate trustee.


A committee to assist the Board of Trustees shall be set up to assist the Board of Trustees in the administration of the Trust. The committee for the first year may include members of the Board of Trustee and will be appointed by the initial settlors. Thereafter the annual selection process can be decided by the Board of Trustees by way of simple majority.




Committee Members: (3 members to help especially in organising events and to raise funds.)


A bank account with a licensed bank shall be opened under the names of the first three key officers (ie Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) who will also be joint cheque signatories [either two of the three shall be deemed as authorised signatories for each cheque issued]. Thereafter changes shall be made, consistent with the appointment of the new office bearers. Payment for purchases of gifts, bursaries and other approved expenses shall only be made subject to authority limits as decided by the Board of Trustees from time to time.

The Treasurer shall produce financial statements (in accordance with proper financial standards) on a quarterly basis and each year the financial statements shall be audited by the Auditor.

Please join in this fund raising project.
Donors to date:
1. Wong Yunn Chii - '71 (RM2000)
2. Lim Kim Tay - '71 (RM2000)
3. MACSIAN74 (RM2000)
4. Vic's Art Prints Sale (RM2500)
5. Tedin Ng - '71 (RM1620)
6. Class of 1971 (RM1038)
7. Woon Tai Hai - '74 (RM1000)
8. Paul Cheok - '76 (RM1000)
9. Chua Beng Own - '70 (RM1000)
10. Class of 1985 - (RM1000)
11. MACS '74 '09 Dinner (RM850)
12. Bien Hock Nien - '55 (RM500)
13. Victor Chin - '67 (RM500)
14. Jimmy Chiam - '80 (RM500)
15. Peter Yap - MES '71 (RM500)
16. Eng Kim Leng - '76 (RM500)
17. Heng Chin Lai - '78 (RM500)
18. Loy Kwee Keow - '76 (RM500)
19. Chin Kai Wah - '55 (RM500)
20. Albert Chan HL - '55 (RM500)
21. Dennis Ee - '76 (RM200)
22. Oh Kim Leng - '77 (RM200)
23. Wong Swee Lim - '56 (RM200)
24. Wee Hock Guan - '76 (RM200)
25. Raymond Ong - '73 (RM100)
26. Anonymous - (RM100)
27. Tommy Chen - '85 (RM490)

Total: RM21,998.00

Tedin Ng -'71 (RM5000)
Donation in kind to ACS primary

In Memoriam

Chua Cheng Chye 1922-2008
April 2009

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