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Class of ’76 Reunion Dinner

Last Sunday, some old boys from the MACS class of ’76 got together for a celebration of sorts (the crossing of the half century mark). This is the group that a year ago came together to pay for Mr Chua’s hospital bill and was very close to him. Kok Heng (seated, second from left) who had the opportunity to see Mr Chua when he was hospitalised last year is back with us from London for a short vacation.

We had a great meal together and shared lots of stories! As usual, Kiam Hann organized a wonderful reunion and provided entertainment to go with the sumptuous meal. I have assembled here some portrait photos of those who attended the do and short commentaries to go with it. I am sure the comments do not do justice to describing my friends who have lots of interesting success stories to tell of their own and the short time we spent together did not allow us to get to know each other better. But the fellowship was great and we walked away with a feeling of déjà vu; the good old time is back.

I  hope that this light hearted summary of those who came for dinner makes for interesting reading. There is much we do not know about each other, hopefully over time, we will be able to fill in the blanks.

Those were the days! For friends who know any of these guys, do drop a line.

Keep in touch guys,

1st Dec 2009

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Donors to date:
1. Wong Yunn Chii - '71 (RM2000)
2. Lim Kim Tay - '71 (RM2000)
3. MACSIAN74 (RM2000)
4. Vic's Art Prints Sale (RM2500)
5. Tedin Ng - '71 (RM1620)
6. Class of 1971 (RM1038)
7. Woon Tai Hai - '74 (RM1000)
8. Paul Cheok - '76 (RM1000)
9. Chua Beng Own - '70 (RM1000)
10. Class of 1985 - (RM1000)
11. MACS '74 '09 Dinner (RM850)
12. Bien Hock Nien - '55 (RM500)
13. Victor Chin - '67 (RM500)
14. Jimmy Chiam - '80 (RM500)
15. Peter Yap - MES '71 (RM500)
16. Eng Kim Leng - '76 (RM500)
17. Heng Chin Lai - '78 (RM500)
18. Loy Kwee Keow - '76 (RM500)
19. Chin Kai Wah - '55 (RM500)
20. Albert Chan HL - '55 (RM500)
21. Dennis Ee - '76 (RM200)
22. Oh Kim Leng - '77 (RM200)
23. Wong Swee Lim - '56 (RM200)
24. Wee Hock Guan - '76 (RM200)
25. Raymond Ong - '73 (RM100)
26. Anonymous - (RM100)
27. Tommy Chen - '85 (RM490)

Total: RM21,998.00

Tedin Ng -'71 (RM5000)
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