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ChuaCC Achievement Awards 2011

The ACS school compound 2011 (Photo: VChin)
ACS primary school hall, Chua CC Awards 2011, with students and parents and friends of ChuaCC.
(Front row left) Wong Poh Sim ( Headmaster), Bien Hock Niem (class of 55), Henry Goh (friend) & Martin Wee Chye Ghee (class of 55)
(Back row left) Bert Tan (class of 85), Teng Kim Sia (class of 72), Francis Lee (class of 71), Lam CY (class of 73), Danny Chiew (class of 79) & Victor Chin (class of 67, taking the photo)
ACS staff members and Bien Hock Nien giving out the ChuaCC Awards to the five students
Dear Friends of Chua CC,
Eight ‘Senior’ Macsians, representing the Chua Cheng Chye Fund, attended
the Malacca ACS Primary School Awards Day today,16.11.2011.:
Victor Chin (67)     Francis Lee (71)      Danny Chiew (79)
Bert Tan (85)        Teng Kim Sia (72)    Lam C.Y. (73)
Martin Wee Chye Ghee (55)                  Bien H.N. (55)
Danny Chiew spoke briefly and eloquently, in Bahasa Malaysia, on the life and time of Chua at ACS Malacca and the many contributions he made to the school. This was followed by presentation of the Chua CC Awards, consisting of a framed certificate and a RM100 book voucher, to each of five boys selected by the school for outstanding achievements. I was given the honour of making the presentation.
Lunch was served, as usual, at Bert’s Riverine Cafe.
On behalf of the Committee of the Chua CC Fund, I wish to record our heartfelt thanks to you for taking the initiative to design, print and framed the very attractive Chua CC Award certificates, which were greatly appreciated by the recipients. Mr Wong Poh Sim, the Headmaster, mentioned that he would display the certificates in the school. By this,I presumed he would make copies of the certificate for display; as I am sure the recipients would want to keep their originals at home as mementos.
Best Regards,

Bien HN

This year we prepared a four page leaflet about Chua CC and this was give out to the teachers and to the five winners of the award during the ceremony. We hope this information will be useful to everyone.  The rest of the leaflets were given to the friends of Chua who came along that day. This leaflet was prepared by Victor Chin.



ChuaCC sings Amazing Grace

The Class of 1971 had the pleasure of Mr Chua Cheng Chye (R.I.P.)  as their special guest during their Class Reunion Dinner held on 07 June 2003. In this video, CCC talked candidly about life, teaching, music and singing. He sang “Amazing Grace” towards the end of the video. Video shot by and courtesy of Mak Kai Kin. Posted by Tedin.


ChuaCC Portrait Sketch

There was always much difficulty in getting a proper portrait of CCC. All this while we have had to enlarge old group photographs to extract his portrait. Ben Toh (Class of 1979) has recently contributed his talent to help create this sketched image of CCC for our use.

We will be having signages produced for both the Dewan Chua Cheng Chye in the primary school and the Bilik Wawasan Chua Cheng Chye in the secondary school. The signages will be with the compliments of Richard Lee Meng Ngi (1970).

Sample Signages for the CCC Meeting Room in ACSS by Ben Toh (’79)

Our thanks to Ben Toh and Richard Lee for their kind support, efforts and contributions.



Remembering Chua Cheng Chye

This article was published in the Malacca Anglo-Chinese School’s 100th Anniversary of The Macsian:


ChuaCC ACS(P) Achievement Awards 2009

The ACS(P) school hall, Thursday 19th November 09, prize giving day. Photo: VC
Dear friends,
A quick note to you before we give you all the details, photos etc via the ChuaChengChye blog.
Firstly, many, many, many thanks to all of you for having made this effort come to fruition. Your kind thoughts, contributions in cash or kind via the CCC Fund and also through various other individual or group efforts in the past and present, often unbeknownst to others, in some way or other cared for Chua Cheng Chye when he was alive, especially in the last decade and now in his memory.
Tedin Ng (’71) gave away the five CCC Awards on our behalf. Photo: VC

The award winners (plus a sister and representatives) and their teachers on stage with Tedin and Mak Kai Kin.
Pic 2Pic 1Pic 4Pic 3Pic 5
The Certificates were designed and produced by Tedin Ng, many thanks for all his time and energy and the details put into this project.
The CCC Achievement Awards 2009 have been presented to five boys for their outstanding performance in 5 areas, i.e. Academics, Sports, Special Education (hyper, autistic, late bloomers, etc), Remedial and Overall Effort (HM’s pick). Each boy has been presented with a Certificate of the Award, RM100.00 cash and a congratulatory letter advising them to continue working hard and to wisely use the cash for books or sports products (next year we will work out a cash voucher arrangement with Tai Kuang).
Parents and teachers in the hall. Visitors seated in the front role, Goh Hock Guan (’74), Tedin Ng (’71) & Henry Goh (ex-BB, ACPS PTA Chairman 2009)
The 2009 UPSR results were released nationwide yesterday morning and we can congratulate the school for their performance which is above the national average. However, only one boy scored the maximum 5As (two boys last year) but an overall improvement was recorded.
Qairul Umaril, school Head Prefect and CCC Achievement Award 2009 Winner – Academics, is the UPSR 5As scorer. Congratulations to him!
A Micheal Jackson in the making.
New stars in the making
We were treated to a wonderful repertoire of song and dance shows by the boys. The standard 2 boys even did a very animated Chicken Dance…  I believe especially for Hock Guan but unfortunately he had to leave a little earlier for another appointment.
Few of the friends of ChuaCC who was able to make it for the occasion. From left: Victor Chin (’67), Tedin Ng (’71), Raymond Ong (’73), Bert Tan (’85), Mak Kai Kin (’71) [not in photo: Peter Ong (’71) & Goh Hock Guan (’74)].
This article was posted by Tedin Ng via email. Photos by Vic Chin.

Please join in this fund raising project.
Donors to date:
1. Wong Yunn Chii - '71 (RM2000)
2. Lim Kim Tay - '71 (RM2000)
3. MACSIAN74 (RM2000)
4. Vic's Art Prints Sale (RM2500)
5. Tedin Ng - '71 (RM1620)
6. Class of 1971 (RM1038)
7. Woon Tai Hai - '74 (RM1000)
8. Paul Cheok - '76 (RM1000)
9. Chua Beng Own - '70 (RM1000)
10. Class of 1985 - (RM1000)
11. MACS '74 '09 Dinner (RM850)
12. Bien Hock Nien - '55 (RM500)
13. Victor Chin - '67 (RM500)
14. Jimmy Chiam - '80 (RM500)
15. Peter Yap - MES '71 (RM500)
16. Eng Kim Leng - '76 (RM500)
17. Heng Chin Lai - '78 (RM500)
18. Loy Kwee Keow - '76 (RM500)
19. Chin Kai Wah - '55 (RM500)
20. Albert Chan HL - '55 (RM500)
21. Dennis Ee - '76 (RM200)
22. Oh Kim Leng - '77 (RM200)
23. Wong Swee Lim - '56 (RM200)
24. Wee Hock Guan - '76 (RM200)
25. Raymond Ong - '73 (RM100)
26. Anonymous - (RM100)
27. Tommy Chen - '85 (RM490)

Total: RM21,998.00

Tedin Ng -'71 (RM5000)
Donation in kind to ACS primary

In Memoriam

Chua Cheng Chye 1922-2008
October 2021

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