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ChuaCC 1st Memorial Service


Sat 22 June 2009.

Before the memorial service at the Wesley Church, a number of old ACS boys and  friends and relatives of ChuaCC visited the primary school. Mr Wong Poh Sim, (second from left) the current Headmaster, showed us around and gave us tea.

The group was made up of Bian with three of his classmates 1955, Albert Chan Hean Lee, Chua Joon Eng & Lin Ah San. Mr Wong Wong Swee Lim, class 1956, brought his wife Helen and his sister, Henry Goh, class GBS 75, and his wife Ai Ling. Chua Soo Neo (ChuaCC’s youngest sister) and Pearl Ong (ChuaCC’s nice). Chua Beng Own, class 1970, Low Soon Watt, class 72, Victor Chin, class 1967.


The memorial service with about 100 in the congregation that afternoon. Tony Khoo Heng Peng, Danny Chiew, Joyce Wee, Paster John Baru conducted the service. The Boys Brigade played a song for ChuaCC.


After the service, we gathered at the youth centre and Bian, Victor Chin and Bert Tan gave a power point presentation about the ChuaCC Fund Project. It was a moment to remember because it was also in this space that most of us, in one way or other, have met or heard ChuaCC when he was alife.


The big makan and fellowship after that. We hope next year we can make it with a bigger group and also have the presentation of the first ChuaCC bursary for the students.

We wish to thank everyone who was there and also those who have helped in many ways, either in cash or kind, but was not able to make it.

Please join in this fund raising project.
Donors to date:
1. Wong Yunn Chii - '71 (RM2000)
2. Lim Kim Tay - '71 (RM2000)
3. MACSIAN74 (RM2000)
4. Vic's Art Prints Sale (RM2500)
5. Tedin Ng - '71 (RM1620)
6. Class of 1971 (RM1038)
7. Woon Tai Hai - '74 (RM1000)
8. Paul Cheok - '76 (RM1000)
9. Chua Beng Own - '70 (RM1000)
10. Class of 1985 - (RM1000)
11. MACS '74 '09 Dinner (RM850)
12. Bien Hock Nien - '55 (RM500)
13. Victor Chin - '67 (RM500)
14. Jimmy Chiam - '80 (RM500)
15. Peter Yap - MES '71 (RM500)
16. Eng Kim Leng - '76 (RM500)
17. Heng Chin Lai - '78 (RM500)
18. Loy Kwee Keow - '76 (RM500)
19. Chin Kai Wah - '55 (RM500)
20. Albert Chan HL - '55 (RM500)
21. Dennis Ee - '76 (RM200)
22. Oh Kim Leng - '77 (RM200)
23. Wong Swee Lim - '56 (RM200)
24. Wee Hock Guan - '76 (RM200)
25. Raymond Ong - '73 (RM100)
26. Anonymous - (RM100)
27. Tommy Chen - '85 (RM490)

Total: RM21,998.00

Tedin Ng -'71 (RM5000)
Donation in kind to ACS primary

In Memoriam

Chua Cheng Chye 1922-2008
November 2021

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