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ChuaCC sings Amazing Grace

The Class of 1971 had the pleasure of Mr Chua Cheng Chye (R.I.P.) ¬†as their special guest during their Class Reunion Dinner held on 07 June 2003. In this video, CCC talked candidly about life, teaching, music and singing. He sang “Amazing Grace” towards the end of the video. Video shot by and courtesy of Mak Kai Kin. Posted by Tedin.


Chua Cheng Chye’s 85 Birthday


Chua blowing the candles on his last birthday in 2007 at the nursing home Malacca.


From right: Peter Yap who brought the birthday cake, Chua Beng Onn, Wong SL, Helen Wong, Annie Yap, Joel Yap and Jason Yap. Photos by Jason Yap

Peter Yap and his family, Mr & Mrs Wong and Beng Onn were at Chua’s nursing home celebrating his birthday last year. Chua, from the photo, was able to blow the candles and was also happy that his friends and their family were able to come to be with him. That was to be his last birthday.

Peter Yap met Chua in 1969 when Chua visited his school, the Methodist English School, to recruit boys for the Boys Brigade. Peter later joined the Boys Brigade and stayed on for many years and became a leader of the Boys Brigade and also a good friend with Chua.

Chua was one of the two witnesses at Peter’s wedding registration, in 1980. Peter went on to work out of Malacca but kept in touch with Chua like many of the other boys. It was with Chua’s encouragment that he later went to Taiwan to learn bakery. After that he started a bakery in Petaling Jaya, the Cherry Cake House, 58 Jalan 1/19, 46000 Petaling Jaya, tel 03 7783 6157.

To Peter, Chua was like a father figure and his children too has come to regard Chua as their adopted family.

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Total: RM21,998.00

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In Memoriam

Chua Cheng Chye 1922-2008
November 2021

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